New Product Development for Aging at Home

I worked on an interdisciplinary team of five graduate students with the purpose of creating a product to benefit seniors living at home. This was a part of a graduate course, Managing the New Product Development Process (ME 290P), taught by Prof. Alice Agogino and Michael Borrus in the fall of 2015 at UC Berkeley.

Our team implemented the following iterative model:

  1. Make observations of the target audience
  2. Form insights and identify salient customer needs
  3. Ideate on potential solutions
  4. Develop low-fidelity prototypes
  5. Test prototypes with the target market

We created a thorough needs analysis and generated over one hundred product ideas.

We converged to medicine management, which we found repeatedly to be a pain point for seniors and their families. Our team developed Brio, a smart pill dispenser to make managing prescriptions peaceful for both seniors and their loved ones.

Brio concept rendering

Concept rendering of Brio.

Brio is an internet-of-things (IOT) device that dispenses pills on a custom schedule, records when pills are taken, and sends an alert via an app when a dosage is missed. It seamlessly connects family and caretakers to the senior user. Brio’s clean aesthetic was designed to make the chore of taking medicine a more enjoyable part of a senior’s daily routine.

The pictures below are from our final trade show, where our product concept, prototype, and business model were well-received.

Brio prototype

Functional prototype of Brio.

Trade show team

Team at the final trade show (Dec 2015). Left to right: Mallory Daly, Minson Yen, Jili Liu, Audrey Leung, and Josie Sullivan.

Thank you to the professors and my teammates, Minson Yen, Jili Liu, Audrey Leung, and Josie Sullivan.


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