LabVIEW Program for Pressure Control System

In the summer of 2015, I worked in the Crew & Thermal Systems Division of NASA JSC to design a LabVIEW controller for an existing pressure control system (PCS). The PCS is one of many systems to be used in integrated habitat testing in a three-story, 20-ft-diameter chamber.


Rendering of the PCS Cart

The PCS hardware consists of four bottles of nitrogen and two bottles of oxygen. The previous control program was proprietary, meaning no changes could be made to its operation. I was tasked to bring the program to LabVIEW. I accomplished the following:

  1. Programmed the control logic in LabVIEW
  2. Validated the new control logic against the previous version by building a simulator in LabVIEW
  3. Ordered NI instrumentation
  4. Created a framework in LabVIEW for the controller’s implementation once the NI instrumentation was installed

Please see my exit presentation for a full description. You may also download the LabVIEW simulator and LabVIEW controller framework.

I gained the following skills by working on this project:

  • LabVIEW program design
  • LabVIEW simulation
  • Controller instrumentation

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