Design Analysis of Harbor Freight Clamp

This project was part of a senior design course at the University of Florida taught by Dr. Griffis in spring of 2015. The project tasked a partner and me to extensively analyze a Harbor Freight 1-3/4 in. Nylon Spring Clamp. The tasks included the following:

  • Define performance specifications
  • Model the clamp in SolidWorks
  • Theoretically and experimentally determine the clamp force
  • Conduct a motion and failure analysis
  • Determine the material of each component
  • Predict the manufacturing method of each component
  • Estimate tolerances and closure

Please see the Final Design Report and images of the SolidWorks part modeling with feature trees.

I developed the following skills through this project:

  • SolidWorks modeling
  • Force analysis
  • Tolerancing and closure
Rendering of the clamp

Rendering of the clamp.

Thank you to Dr. Griffis and my teammate, Nick Bianco.


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