Design and Manufacturing of Ball Collector Robot

This project was part of the undergraduate course, Design and Manufacturing Lab, taught by Michael Braddock in the fall of 2014 at the University of Florida.

I worked on a team of three to design and build a robot capable of lifting racket balls at variable heights and depositing them in a bucket. We machined all parts that were not off-the-shelf. Our robot competed against other robots in an arena to pick up the most balls in a five minute time period. We earned 3rd place out of 38 teams!

Ball collector robot

Side view of the ball collector robot.

Please see the following for more:

I learned the following from this hands-on project:

  • Design concept generation
  • SolidWorks modeling
  • Mill operation
  • Lathe operation
  • Bandsaw operation

Thank you to Mike Braddock and the teaching staff, as well as my teammates Alan Ferry and Jared Oberg.

Team with the finished robot

Team with our finished robot. Left to right: Mallory Daly, Jared Oberg, and Alan Ferry.


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